Lee YH aspires for the art concepts of idealism and symbolism, pursuing the perspective of truth, goodness, and beauty in humanity from the darkness, mystery, profundity, melancholy, fear, and expectation in reality and difficulty. His work mostly feature young ladies, connection between mother and daughter, and beautiful scenery.
Gold Medal Award of the Painting Deapartment,French Artist Salon, in 1974

Oil Painting 100F 1974

Collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 1988

LEE YH is a cross-generational versatile artist of sculpture, painting, and craft,

integrating the eastern and western traditions without the limitation of art schools.


Oil Painting


100F 2007

International Art Award of French Artist Salon

by Who's Who in the world, Switzerland, 2007 


Leisurely Swimming Fish

25F 2000


60F 1969

1969  Judges' List Award, Autumn Salon 

1986 Judges’ List Award, 

French Artist Salon

1980 Judges’ List Award,

French Artist Salon

Lee Y. H expresses his feeling of being a stranger in the foreign land in the topic

and title with the nostalgia for his hometown. He has to take a new route,

expressing the fun of eastern ink painting with oil paint to create the bluring effect.